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Celtic Warriors Exhibition at

The Tate Modern

Coychurch Llangrallo Primary School in Bridgend are in celebration as year 3 have been selected to represent their school for implementing the five creative habits of mind developed in the Celtic Warrior Project by Lead Creative School practitioner Claire Cawte. Demonstrating the pedagogy of Donaldson Successful Futures and the Arts Council of Wales, supporting Creative Learning Through The Arts, where the school work will be on exhibition at The Tate Britian from 24th-29th April 2018

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Celtic Warriors

Llangrallo Primary School in Bridgend were keen to develop progressive approaches for Foundation Phase Literacy and Oracy through creating a Celtic themed project. The intended scheme hoped to incorporate textiles and costume design with a contemporary approach for Year 2/3 pupils….Continue reading here



cARTrefu, meaning to reside in Welsh, is a two year programme run by Age Cymru which has aimed to increase access to arts experiences for the elderly residing in care homes all across the country. The programme has recruited sixteen artists working in four disciplines: visual arts, words, performing arts and music.... Continue reading here

Machen Meadows

Machen Primary are a Green Flag School Scheme and wanted a new and exciting sustainable project to fulfil their innovative brief. As a selected tutor for the Arts & Education Network, they invited me to work with the children introducing them to sustainable methods of plant dyes to create a natural and colourful meadow collage.... continue reading here