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Botanical Prints & Nuno Felt Shawl 

June 15th – 17th at Ystrad Farm, Brechfa, Carmarthenshire
Three day workshop £456

Explore the delicate process of Nuno felting and learn to extract colour and create prints from plants. Finish the course with a beautiful bespoke silk shawl.



Botanical Print Workshop  


With a simple and effective introduction to kitchen friendly recipes learn how create Eco print patterns. Gain and understanding of fabric preparation with mordant fabric for dyeing effectively.  Explore the alchemy and the mystery of the dye pot that enhances these shades to achieve a lovely variation of tones, from soft and delicate subtle shades, through to mastering bright and vibrant colours.

These recipes can be used for creating prepared juice using readily available materials from the garden, hedgerow and kitchen.  You will leave with an abundance of samples and something special just for you.