Using honest, natural materials sourced in Wales and across the British countryside, Claire makes a range of bespoke hand-felt handbags and a beautiful collection of delicate silk scarves dyed naturally using sustainable plant dyes.

Residing in Penarth in South Wales, where she shares her home with a dog, cat, and three chickens, Claire graduated with a degree in Contemporary Textile Practice and in 2010 received a grant from the Arts Council of Wales to research and explore the properties of British fleece.

As a coarser material, the British fleece has since become an integral part of Claire’s work, and being more stubborn and labour intensive to felt has lead her towards making sculptural pieces, such as vessels, handbags, and unique cutlery.

When not developing designs at her studio, Claire can often be found wandering the Welsh hills foraging for plants, or teaching felt making and plant dyeing classes, specialising in both botanical prints and immerse dyeing.

Inspired by the endless resources found in nature, her flourishing hand felted wool collection is stylishly complemented with delicate silk scarves, intimately dyed with leaves, bark, petals and iron debris to provide fortuitous botanical print pieces.

Claire sees the tactile nature of her work as the most important, and a reflection of the immense personal contact with the materials at hand, always maintaining particular consideration for warmth, luxury and, ultimately, comfort.

Using primitive processes and traditional hand craft skills, Claire draws inspiration from cultural and tribal adornment and costumes, appreciating the true integrity of craftsmanship.

Claire is a highly experienced tutor and educator working with all ages and abilities, with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and is DBS certified. Claire is an established tutor involved with Criw Celf,  Arts & Education Network and a trained Creative Practitioner enhancing Creative Learning though Arts, for the Lead Creative Schools selected by Arts Council of Wales.  Since 2008 Claire has been an activity specialist tutor at UWC, Attlantic College at St Donats Castle and an entrepreneurial role model for Big Ideas Wales.  Claire was involved with the pioneering cARTrefu project providing well-being creative workshops with older people in later years of life.